Tailor made

Tailor made

A mattress you spend half your life on is just as intimate as the clothes you wear. Does it not then stand to reason that this place of rest should be personal, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing? A horsehair mattress by Daniel Heer is completely handmade from 100% natural materials, and lasts for a century. Daniel Heer, a 4th-generation saddler, custom-builds every mattress.

Shape, size, cover fabric, and the firmness of the horsehair can all be selected according to personal preference. This results in a one-of-a-kind item as beautiful as it is comfortable, truly tailored to the needs and desires of its owner.


Allplan_ Day Bed Mattress

The classic formats are: single-piece, three-piece, wedge-shaped bolster

single-piece: 80/90/100 cm width × 190/200 cm length
three-piece: 80/90/100 cm width × 65 cm length
bolster: 80/90/100 cm width × 50 cm length

Mattress sizes may vary up to one centimeter, since the horsehair is hand-worked, curly and irregular in structure. Minimal expansion is to be expected over time and through use.