sense of quality

“Sleep is the most delectable of inventions”—Heinrich Heine, 1856

The grand hotels, royal houses, and aspiring bourgeoisie of the 19th century discovered a new source of recuperative sleep: the horsehair mattress. In 1907 Benedikt Heer, the great-grandfather of Daniel Heer, founded his saddlery in Lucerne, and his family has been making horsehair mattresses ever since. Daniel Heer himself is a fourth-generation saddler: following formative residencies in Prague, Warsaw, and Vienna, he set up his own business in Berlin. Starting out in a Kreuzberg factory loft that later evolved into a storefront business at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Mitte, he now works from his Schöneberger Zimmer establishment.

It is here that he manufactures his mattresses with calm concentration and precision. It is also the place where buyers become guests, where they can lie on a horsehair mattress and even fall asleep. The purchase of a horsehair mattress by Daniel Heer is not only a marriage of superior craftsmanship and modern technique; it is also a step forward into the future. Ideally, owner and mattress are bound together for life. Sustainability has always been valued by the Heer clan. Daniel Heer is carrying on the family tradition while defining it anew: his mattresses no longer need to remain concealed beneath blanket or spread. They are covered with the finest materials while revealing their handcrafted finesse, their colours, and their form. They are exquisite to behold and touch; indeed, they simply radiate timeless comfort.


“The materials I work with
should be pure and unrefined, so the
pieces I construct can appear
JUST as they are: simply authentic.”

Daniel Heer