FEB 2017, project matrah at the Schoeneberger Zimmer, Berlin-Schoeneberg
The project matrah initiative by Daniel Heer is a practical response to the refugee crisis. Built around an exchange of ideas and traditions, skilled refugees are invited to co-manufacture mattresses in Heer’s studio. Some refugees have become permanent members of the team Heer.

MAY 2016, Schöneberger Zimmer, Berlin-Schöneberg
Daniel Heer opens the Schöneberger Zimmer, an apartment workshop with private guest room.

SEP 2012, Storefront Shop, Berlin-Mitte
Daniel Heer opens a storefront shop at the Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

AUG 2007, Atelier, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Daniel Heer opens his first Berlin manufactory in a former industrial complex in Kreuzberg.

1907 Saddlery Heer, Horw, Schweiz
Benedikt Heer, Daniel Heer’s grandfather opens the saddlery Heer in Horw at Lake Vierwaldstättersee.