DEC 2018, The Dewaniya Project – stage 1, Sadu House Museum
This workshop with the Bedouin weavers of Kuwait is part of a larger project facilitating cultural and artisanal exchange. This is a continuation of “matrah”, Heer’s refugee integration program.
The Dewaniya Project is a partnership with Beit Al Sadu, the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Kuwait.

AUG 2018, Schöneberger Zimmer campaign:
“One Night Could Change It All.”
A collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Stefan Heinrichs.

DEC 2017, Roman and Williams Guild, New York
Rosshaarmatratzen in deerskin and fine wool exclusively developed for the
Guild are available as part of the Founding Collection of the new ”Roman
and Williams Guild“ store.


Dec 2017, Architectural Digest, This New Concept Store

Daniel Heers mattresses are now represented at RW Guild in New York.
Roman and Williams is an award-winning American design firm founded by
Robin Standefer and Stepen Alesch, and known for „slow design“ – an
emphasis on craft and substance. The firm undertakes building design,
interior design, branding, as well as custom furniture and lighting.

Roman and Williams Guild is both a modern-day guild – a collaboration with
master artisans – as well as a concept store that features their works
located in Manhattan’s SoHo district.

DEC 2017, John Pawson, London
Fitting seamlessly into the Heer product line, our new mattress in white twill was produced in collaboration with the British architectural designer and minimalist John Pawson for his Home Farm Project in Moreton in Marsh, England. Conforming to Pawson’s own approach and philosophy, TWILL is a mattress refined to its essentials – timeless elegance in service of restorative sleep.

Sep 2017, Architektur & Wohnen, Fürs Auge und fürs Leben (German)

JUN 2017, Wir zusammen initiative, Dusseldorf
Daniel Heer is a member of the “Wir zusammen” [“Together”] integrations network. This initiatives program by leaders of the German business community
focuses on developing sponsorship opportunities for the integration of


APR 27-30 2017, Andreas Murkudis Store 77, Berlin
Daniel Heer is happy to present the first edition of project matrah at Andreas Murkudis during Gallery Weekend Berlin.


FEB 2017, project matrah at the Schoeneberger Zimmer, Berlin-Schoeneberg
The project matrah initiative by Daniel Heer is a practical response to the refugee crisis. Built around an exchange of ideas and traditions, skilled refugees are invited to co-manufacture mattresses in Heer’s studio. Some refugees have become permanent members of the team Heer.

SEP 2016, Porter & Sail, Digital Concierge, New York
Porter & Sail recommends Daniel Heer in their latest app for guests of selected boutique hotels.

JUL 2016, Brand eins Magazin, Hamburg
Current issues of Brand eins are always at hand at the Schönberger Zimmer.

MAY 2016, Schöneberger Zimmer, Berlin-Schöneberg
Daniel Heer opens the Schöneberger Zimmer, an apartment workshop with private guest room.

MAY 2016, Rubn Lighting, Vittsjö, Sweden
The Swedish lamp manufacturer Rubn provides handmade lamps for the Schönberger Zimmer.

MAY 2012, New York Times, Brooke Hodge: “Talking Horsehair With Daniel Heer”

APR 2016, Limonta Linen, Costamasnaga, Italy
As of this spring, guests repose on the finest of Italian linens made by Society Limonta at the Schönberger Zimmer.

FEB 2016, Breanish Tweed, Isle of Lewis Scotland
Daniel Heer produces a new three-part mattress prototype in tweed, with fabric by Breanish Tweed. This sample displays the range of color and style of weaving that are characteristic of this manufacturer, all in one piece. The mattress can be seen from July until September at AM MA Andreas Murkudis, Möbel und Architektur, Berlin.

DEC 2015, Mameg, Los Angeles
Sonia Eram presents the Keil Daybed by Daniel Heer at Mameg in Beverly Hills.
Daniel Heer builds a new horsehair mattress on location, exclusively for the occasion.

DEZ 2015, Le Figaro Magazine, Marie-Angélique Ozanne: “Le goût de Berlin”

NOV 2015, AM MA Andreas Murkudis Möbel und Architektur, Berlin
Daniel Heer discusses the intersection of design and trade in the 21st century, „Design trifft Handwerk im 21 Jahrhundert“, with Angelika Nollert of the design museum Die Neue Sammlung München and the designer Bodo Sperlein.


OCT 2015, Focus, Barbara Jung: “Ein Mann fürs Bett”

SEP 2015, Diaphanes Books Zürich / Berlin
The Swiss publisher Diaphanes supplies an exquisite selection of books for the Schönberger Zimmer.

JUL 2015, Maharam, New York City
Leather cushions are developed in collaboration with Michal Maharam for the Maharam showroom in New York.

JUN 2015, Schöneberger Zimmer, Berlin
Oscar Heer, Daniel Heer’s father, makes the down feather duvets for the Schöneberger Zimmer.

MAY 2015, Six Senses Hotels Resorts, Douro Valley, Portugal
The reception foyer of the Six Senses Hotel in Portugal’s Douro Valley is furnished with Keil stools by Daniel Heer.

MAY 2015, Hochparterre, Hans Georg Hildebrandt: “Schlaf-Forschung auf Rosshaar”

MAY 2015, Elle Decor, Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson: “Could this $2K mattress be the secret to a good night’s sleep?”

APR 2015, Forsthaus Strelitz, Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
The Forsthaus Strelitz in Neustrelitz offers their guests the opportunity to spend their nights on horsehair mattresses by Daniel Heer. A visit is worthwhile – as well for the opportunity of experiencing the fine cuisine of Wenzel Pankratz.

APR 2015, Die Welt am Sonntag / ICON, Mira Wiesinger: “Von wegen Nostalgie”

MAR 2015, Financial Review, Fiona Carruthers: “Dream Weaver”

MAR 2015, Berliner Zeitung, Isabel Ehrlich: “Gefühl für Tradition”

OCT 2014, Louis Vuitton Guide, Berlin
The Louis Vuitton Guide Berlin features Daniel Heer.

OKT 2014, Der Tagesspiegel, Inge Ahrens: “Matratze fürs Leben”

SEP 2014, Gestalten Publisher, Berlin
Daniel Heer is prominently featured in the book „The Craft and the Makers – Tradition with Attitude“, showcasing crafted products by small manufacturers.

JUN 2014, Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Christoph Reichmuth: “Mit Rosshaarmatratzen zum Erfolg”

MAY 2014, Andreas Murkudis, Berlin
Coinciding with the Berlin Gallery Weekend, Daniel Heer presents his piece „Hirsch“, a horsehair mattress in deer skin at Andreas Murkudis.

MAR 2014, Le Knack Weekend, Veerle Helsen: “Matrassen van Paardenhaar”

MAR 2014, Wall Street Journal, Alexa Brazilian: ”Berlin’s New Luxury in the”

FEB 2014, EquiTable Restaurant, Zurich
A line of menus and table sets is developed in collaboration with the Michelin-starred restaurant EquiTable in Zurich.

JAN 2014, Interview FluxFM Radio, Berlin
Interview featured on the Berlin-based radio station FluxFM about contemporary interpretations of a traditional trade.

DEC 2013, Talkshow Aeschbacher SRF – Swiss Radio and Television
Daniel Heer is a featured guest in Kurt Aeschbachers Talkshow „Wolke 7“.

NOV 2013, Fondazione Cologni, Francesca Sammartino: “Built not Stuffed”

OCT 2013, Designer Exchange Berlin Dubai, Goethe Institut Dubai
As chosen participant of the Designer Exchange Berlin Dubai, Daniel Heer lectures about his trade to attendees from both countries.

SEP 2013, Rat für Formgebung / German Design Council, Frankfurt
Daniel Heer gives a talk at this design conference on the concurrence of brand authenticity and point of sale: „Retail Design – Glaubwürdigkeit am Point of Sale“.


AUG 2013, Wilfried Wang Architect, Berlin
A seat surfaced in leather is designed for the „der Stuhl“ project of the architect Wilfried Wang.

JUL 2013, Mykita, New York
A line of stool cushions in leather is developed for the new Mykita showroom in New York.

MAY 2013, Monocle, David Torcasso: “Herr Heer’s Hair-Wares”

MAY 2013, Zukunftsinstitut / Trend Update, Abeline Seidel: “Made in the City: Urban Manufacturing”

MAR 2013, Ketel One Legacy Award, Modern Craft Project, Hotel Das Stue, Berlin
Daniel Heer is the winner of the Ketel One Vodka Modern Craft Project Prize and acknowledged as German Craftsman of the Year.

MAR 2013, Tages Anzeiger, “Daniel Heer 34 – Sattler”

MAR 2013, Der Freitag, Corinna Koch: “Daniel Heer, Rosshaarknüpfer”

FEB 2013, Soho House, Berlin
Daniel Heer provides Soho House members an introduction to his trade.

OCT 2012, Stan Hema Agency for Brand Development, Berlin
Horsehair mattress bolsters are developed as seat surfaces for the reception room of the Stan Hema firm.

SEP 2012, Storefront Shop, Berlin-Mitte
Daniel Heer opens a storefront shop at the Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

SEP 2012, Neue Zürcher Zeitung / Gentlemen’s Report, David Torcasso: “Mein Stil – Daniel Heer”

MAY 2012, Matter, New York
Daniel Heer produces his first horsehair mattress in denim at the Matter showroom in conjunction with the New York Design Week ICFF.

MAY 2012, Workshop, Mameg, Los Angeles
Daniel Heer is invited as guest to Mameg in Beverly Hills by Sonia Eram. Customers  experienced the building of a classic horsehair mattress „live“ over a four day course.

JAN 2012, Design Report, Hannah Bauhoff: “newcomer Haargenau”

DEC 2011, Manager Magazin, Hannah Bauhoff: “Der Materialfetischist”

AUG 2011, New York Times, Rima Suqi:  “Wood and Leather Pieces, the Old-Fashioned Way“

OCT 2010, Hotel am Zoo, Berlin
In collaboration with Hotel am Zoo, Daniel Heer designs are featured in the Hotel’s showcases along the Kurfürstendamm.

JUL 2010, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Rebekka Kiesewetter: “Diese Matratzen liegen den Berlinern“

JUN 2010, Karena Schüssler Gallery, Berlin
Mattresses, furniture, and various objects are presented in a solo show by Daniel Heer at Karena Schüssler.

JUN 2010, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Laura Weissmüller: “Der Traditionalist”

MAY 2010, Architectural Design, Laura Weissmuell: “Mit Rosshaar, Holzkeil und Leder”

APR 2010, Wallpaper*, Pei-Ru Keh, Sophie Lovell: “Mane Man”

JAN 2010, Sight Unseen, Monica Khemsurov: “The Rosshaar Mattress by Daniel Heer”

NOV 2009, Die Welt, Annemarie Ballschmiter: “Heer damit”

SEP 2009, ABC Art Berlin Contemporary, Academy of Arts
Daniel Heer exhibits „AM PM“, a daybed concept created in collaboration with Ilke Penzlien on the rooftop garden of the Academy of Arts.

OKT 2007, Projekt Keil Hocker, Berlin
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Architekten und Tischlermeister Thomas van Asseldonk entsteht die Möbelserie Keil.

AUG 2007, Atelier, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Daniel Heer opens his first Berlin manufactory in a former industrial complex in Kreuzberg.

1907 Saddlery Heer, Horw, Schweiz
Benedikt Heer, Daniel Heer’s grandfather opens the saddlery Heer in Horw at Lake Vierwaldstättersee.