Horsehair is inherently supple, at once firm and cushioning. It supports the body and conforms to the spine. Hypoallergenic, permeable to air, moisture- and temperature-regulating: the horsehair mattress feels warming in winter and cooling in summer. Horsehair is naturally long-lasting and resilient; with regular care and refurbishing a horsehair mattress is durable for several generations. And just like his great-grandfather, Daniel Heer sources the material from Toggenburger & Co, the last remaining horsehair spinnery in Switzerland. Here, the pure horsetail hair is cleansed with natural soaps in boiling water, rinsed, brushed, and finely spun into tight coils. 

In his workshop, Daniel Heer opens and loosens these coils, then builds up the horsehair layer by layer into a highly elastic surface in the shape of a mattress. This elasticity conveys the special sensation of being held and supported in sleep.