The simple concept of restorative sleep is at the core of Daniel Heer’s craftsmanship. He constructs mattresses from horsehair with Swiss expertise, furthering the Heer family tradition in its fourth generation. Each individual piece is made to measure at his Berlin workshop, the Schöneberger Zimmer.

“When my great-grandfather Benedikt Heer constructed his first horsehair mattress in Switzerland in 1907, the horse was still the general mode of transport, and every village had its own saddlery. The saddler also produced horsehair mattresses. A village resembled a large workshop where manufacturing trades were closely connected to the everyday needs of its townspeople.“

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”As it was made, each horsehair mattress passed through all hands of my family. I learned the trade from my father and now, in its fourth generation, brought it to Berlin. To me, tradition goes beyond merely upholding the time tested. It is the ability to develop new working methods and materials, chart new directions, and respond to the needs of our time".

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