Sleep We Make is a collection of the essentials for a good night’s sleep. We are a community of craftspeople from diverse workshops. We make fabrics, down duvets, feather pillows, horsehair mattresses, bedlinen, and beds.

What unites us is a desire to do one thing well and to connect with each other‘s trades. We share values, knowledge, and expertise to help you sleep better. The responsibility for our products goes beyond the purchase. As small family-owned businesses, we respond to our customers‘ wishes individually. All our products are made to order – from the workshop directly to your home.

We care, we repair, and we make.

Sleep We Make

Christian Haas, Mario Rust, Angelika Rust, Daniel Heer, Oskar Heer, Asya Yaghmurian, Thomas Biswanger, Lia Ivolhina, Cian McConn, Christoph Gielen, Yvan Puylaert, Jan Van Mieghem, Valérie Toggenburger, Bram Loss, Sophia Msaoubi

The Bed

The construction is simple, yet refined in its joinery. The low platform rests on recessed sword-shaped boards to receive the horsehair mattress in a light and floating way.

To ensure a gentle touch, all surfaces are smoothly finished by hand and the edges of the solid wood boards are curved. Having a nomadic lifestyle in mind while designing, the bed frame is connected by invisible screws and is fully dismountable. Instead of a slatted frame, independent made-to-measure bed slats are used for easy maintenance and transportation.

Designed by Christian Haas, manufactured by AM Furniture

Schöneberger Zimmer sleep-we-make_bed_44_sm.jpeg
Schöneberger Zimmer sleep-we-make_bed_45-_sm.jpeg
Schöneberger Zimmer sleep-we-make_bed_41_sm.jpeg

The Mattress

Each horsehair mattress is constructed entirely of horsetail hair with a top layer of pure new wool, encased by the linen fabric.

Horsehair is inherently supple, at once firm and cushioning. It supports the body and conforms to the spine. Hypoallergenic, permeable to air, moisture, and temperature-regulating: the horsehair mattress feels warm in winter and cooling in summer.

The linen fiber comes from the north of France and is woven into a strong cloth in Flanders, Belgium.

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Schöneberger Zimmer 54_klein.jpg
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The Duvet

The quality of good downs depends on many factors: the origin of the geese, the way they are kept and fed, and, above all, the degree of maturity of the down. Our first-class down comes from free-range geese on small farms in Dithmarschen in northern Germany.

The covers of our bedding are made of 100% down proof cotton, high-quality German ticking fabric. The fine, long fibers make the material particularly soft and tear-resistant and it is considered one of the highest-quality types of cotton. Bramscher cloth or the „Bramscher Tuch“ seal of quality stands for the exquisite quality of cotton finishing. It denotes a down and feather-proof fabric in pure cotton.

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The Guestroom

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In November 2022, we opened our Guestroom on Tour in Lisbon, Portugal. Selected hoteliers and journalists were invited to meet the makers, and experience the Sleep We Make collection in the guestroom of a private apartment in Largo de São Mamede.

We will gladly send you our prices on request.

Photos: John Broemstrup

The Doppelspitz or "double point" sewing needle – 45 cm long with two pointed - ends – is used for the tufting of mattresses.