for a good
night’s sleep.

November 2022

Sleep We Make is everything for a good night. Sleep We Make is a retail and service platform established and run by the makers themselves which proposes to build an autonomous way of trade-making.

Sleep We Make is about content, materials and people, it is not about brands and labels. We want to get back to the essentials and move away from mass production.

Sleep We Make was born out of the MACHEN initiative, a community of makers and tradespeople for the advancement of new forms of collaboration, production, and communication. We believe that the value of workmanship should be worth as much as the sleep itself.

With the purest materials and the niche expertise of our makers, we draw attention to good sleep. As small owner-managed family enterprises, we respond to our customers‘ wishes individually. All our products are made in Europe from locally sourced materials. We share values, knowledge and expertise to try to make you sleep better.

We care, we repair and we make.

Makers: Christian Haas (Studio Christian Haas),
Carlos Barbosa (C.Barbosa), Mario and Angelika Rust
(Betten Schulz), Oskar Heer, Daniel Heer, Asya Yaghmurian,
Thomas Biswanger, Sandra von Mayer-Myrtenhain, Lia Ivolhina, Cian McConn (HEER); Yvan Puylaert (Designs of the Time); Valérie Toggenburger
(Toggenburger & Co AG); Helena Rosa and Fátima Mestre
(Cooperativa Oficina de Tecelagem de Mértola);
Design: Bram Loss and Sophia Msaoubi (MUS Studio);
Partners: Fatima Durkee and Astrid Rovisco Suzano
(Passa Ao Futuro); Emma Pucci and Valentina Pilia
(Flores Textile Studio); Eglantina Monteiro and Francisco
Palma-Dias (Companhia das Culturas, 8950 Cosmética);
Photos: John Broemstrup

Sleep We Make: Lisbon 07_klein.jpg
Sleep We Make: Lisbon 03_klein.jpg

Good sleep is at the core of Daniel Heer’s craftsmanship. He constructs mattresses from horsehair with Swiss expertise, furthering the family tradition in its fourth generation in Berlin.

In 2015 he launched the guestroom “Schöneberger Zimmer” to enhance the workshop with a personal experience. In the guestroom, visitors can experience a horsehair mattress close-up during one overnight stay.

In 2021 Daniel Heer founded the initiative MACHEN, a community of makers and a platform for advancing new forms of collaboration.

In the MACHEN initiative, he has brought together makers from various disciplines on the subject of sleep. Together with curator Asya Yaghmurian and creative director Thomas Biswanger, they developed the project in Portugal.

With Sleep We Make platform, Daniel Heer wants to connect his craftsmanship with other trades and open his workshop to new partnerships and collaborations.

Sleep We Make: Lisbon low-res_daniel-heer-4878-2.jpg

Sleep We Make: Lisbon 23_klein.jpg

Following the concept of the Schöneberger Zimmer guestroom in Berlin, we are launching the Sleep We Make guestroom in Lisbon, which will tour all over Europe.

To honour our partnerships and to celebrate the community of makers we premier the Sleep We Make collection and the guestroom in the historic district of Princípe Reale in Lisbon.

Selected Hoteliers and journalists are invited to experience the Sleep We Make collection first- hand while spending a night in the guestroom of a private apartment in Largo di São Mamede, Lisbon. The guestroom is located in the communal room of a city house from the 17th century.

Through our collection of essentials, we offer our guests a private experience of a good night’s sleep. Just close the door and fall asleep.

We Make Sleep.


Praça das Flores 53
1200-250 Lisboa
November 15–18

Flores is a textile showroom and interior design studio founded by Emma Pucci, an architect and anthropologist and Valentina Pilia, an interior designer.

Flores Textile Studio represents selected textile artist and their own collection of «essential pieces» of furniture produced by Portuguese crafts(wo)men.

From November 15 to 18th 2022 Flores Textile Studio will be hosting a mattress-making workshop. The 3 days workshop is open to the public from Thursday to Friday 2 to 5 p.m..

During the workshop, Daniel together with his father Oskar Heer will demonstrate the start-to-finish construction of a Rosshaarmatratze.

Sleep We Make: Lisbon 54_klein.jpg