The Initiative

MACHEN is a community network of designers and tradespeople for the advancement of new forms of collaboration, production, and communication. WE promote good craftsmanship and aim to make it accessible. We introduce the creators along with the concepts behind their goods and bring them together in our manufacturing network. Our goal as a group is to re-interpret and pass on expertise about the application and evolution of our trade. We value transparent communication, sustainable producing methods, and collaborative enterprising. Apart from qualitative manufacturing, we take responsibility for the care and maintenance of our goods.     

In a series of open studio talks field experts are invited from manufacturing trades, the architecture and design worlds, and hospitality industry to join a discussion about collaborative work processes. Good craftsmanship and the diversity of its representations will be newly evaluated, and future collaborations considered. 

Our premier collection of essentials for a good night's sleep will be presented in autumn 2022. This collection tours as a mobile guestroom. Our first hosts are Eglantina Monteiro and Francisco Palma-Dias of Campanhia das Culturas in southern Portugal’s Algarve region. We look forward to engaging with new hosts and venues.