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Each horsehair mattress is constructed entirely of horsetail hair with a top layer of pure new wool. Individually selected cover fabric encases every piece. This classic horsehair mattress design has been produced by Heer family according to traditional methods since 1907. Then as today, our promise: a well-made mattress created only from natural materials, offered at a fair price.  

The Classic: one format, one fabric, one price
format: 90 × 200 × 15 cm
fabric: 100% Cotton
price: 3,150 € 

To this day, the original Heer Rosshaarmatratze standard format (90 × 200 cm) is always on offer in traditional Ticking stripe, a sturdy cover fabric in pure cotton. The Classic can be ordered for 3,150 €, here.

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Made to Measure

We tend to client wishes and personal needs at the Heer workshop in Berlin. Visit and explore a diverse array of textile choices, colours, and formats from our material archive. We also develop new concepts for textiles and restorative sleep in collaboration with architects and hoteliers.  

Seat Cushions  
Wedge Pillow
Custom Formats and Sizes

We work with exquisite fabrics from our ever-expanding archive of materials, and in collaboration with various weavers.
Here is a selection of our fabrics:

Ticking Stripe

This sturdy English upholstery fabric was developed especially for mattresses. It is a tightly woven material that features a classic herringbone pattern and stripes. Daniel Heer obtains his Ticking from the John Spencer family in Lancashire, who have been producing this textile from pure cotton for over 150 years. Their Ticking is certified by Britain’s Soil Association using Global Organic Textile (GOTS) and Organic Soil Association standards.

Harris Tweed

Traditional Harris Tweed is woven from the pure new wool of Blackface sheep on the islands of Harris and Lewis off the west coast of Scotland. The material’s surface roughness and radiant yarn structure are its distinguishing characteristics. Each roll of fabric that is marked by Tweed Authority certification guarantees that the tweed has been hand-woven from pure new wool, dyed, spun, and finished by the islanders in the Outer Hebrides. Daniel Heer partners with Carloway Mill and Harris Tweed Hebrides in Shawbost.

Donegal Tweed

For centuries, an exceptional thread called Donegal Yarn has been spun in the furthest Northwest of Ireland in Donegal County. Made from lamb’s wool, this yarn is laced with small colourful neps. To achieve this effect, up to six shades of dyed wool fiber are spun into a single thread that appears as one uniform foundation colour. To this, four more strands in different colours are added to produce a single yarn with subtle colour nuances. Daniel Heer offers Donegal Tweed from Magee of Donegal and Molloy & Sons in Ardara.

Raf Simons

The Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons has created a series of fabrics for the Danish textile producer Kvadrat. These lines – always linked to contemporary trends in fashion – explore the boundaries of upholstery fabric. Raf Simons designs are innovative and radical, commanding their own aesthetics.

Giulio Ridolfo

The Italian designer Giulio Ridolfo developed Remix for the Danish textile firm Kvadrat. This worsted fabric has no pattern, yet yields optical finesse: it is made of blended yarns in which each thread comprises three different colours. The result is a mélange that reacts to light and form. Ridolfo believes that colour is firmly rooted in physicality, in textures, in the play of light – in contrast to the immateriality of the digital world.

Flemish Linen

Flemish linen is durable, timeless, elegant and understated. We partner with textile producer Yvan Puylaert of Designs of the Times in Belgium to obtain a firm yet sumptuous linen. Inspired by the robust structure of sailcloth, this linen is tightly woven with 750 grams of 100% natural flax fiber per square meter. It is dyed in single batches.


Germany’s red deer is the source of the most noble of all suedes. Daniel Heer procures the skin locally from the Kolesch family tannery in the Upper Swabia, where the same buffing methods have been used since the 18th century. The leather is limed with calcium lime, repeatedly rinsed, and then tanned with cod oil. After more than a year, the leather is finally ready to use. Typically, one side is dyed, but Daniel Heer uses it bare. He prefers to show the markings of life on the animal’s skin, especially those acquired by stags during the skirmishes of rutting season. An Alpine lore persists, that a stag’s strength and bravery are transferred to those who wear his skin - the reason why to this day lederhosen are still made without inner lining.

Made to Last: a lifetime warranty

At your request, Daniel Heer will restore your horsehair mattress after 15 - 20 years. Refurbished horsehair regains its original elasticity with each restoration, making your mattress as good as new. Treated in this way, a horsehair mattress lasts for several generations. 

The Doppelspitz or "double point" sewing needle – 45 cm long with two pointed - ends – is used for the tufting of mattresses.